Nasprejovat Mig 29

Nasprejovat Mig 29

Příspěvekod mazel.petr » stř 31. říj 2012 15:13:39

hledam nekoho kdo by mi nasprejoval Mig 29 UB Fulcrum, od Italeri 1/72
Barvicky dodam. Idealne Praha 5,diky.PM
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Re: Nasprejovat Mig 29

Příspěvekod debra123 » úte 08. říj 2013 9:39:06

I want to invest into a good RTF heli/tx combo. budget is up to 300 $S, (not inclusive of repairs, that's on separate budget) and thought about Walkera master CP. Now i know CP is not for beginners, yet my practice I can do with the toy heli (mostly nose in flight). I read its a good heli to start as its plastic, durable (in comparison to non plastic), cheap to repair, and available here in singapore.
beginner rc airplanes
I wonder if it offers a better stability. also wondering if any way I can setup the CP to act like a FP - and at later time when more XP, can use the CP attributes.
I read this funny review here (bias I'm sure)
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